The importance of the pest control industry as an essential service cannot be understated.

We can assist landlords and tenants with end of lease pest control in all areas of Melbourne suburbs.

End of Lease Pest Control Required in Melbourne

Did you know that pests are always present where people live? In fact, it doesn’t matter if you have the cleanest tenant in Melbourne, unfortunately, pests will always find a way to get into the property, stay, and flourish.

These days, it has become an all too common occurrence for new tenants to move into their rental property only to find that there are pests present. In such cases, there can be a cause for dispute and it may result in considerable stress to all those involved.

Take the required steps to avoid any cases of conflicts over pests

Every rental property should have a pest control treatment at the end of every lease to ensure that the place is completely fit for the next tenant to live in, this includes an inspection for pest activity such as cockroaches, ants, and rats, flea treatments and rodent control.

EPC- Enviro Pest Control offers a flea treatment and rodent control treatment to take place at the end of each lease.

Why do we need a Flea treatment to be completed?

Fleas are the most common reason for the need for the end of lease pest control. Even if tenants do not have pests they ‘hitch’ a ride in on visitors. Plus, you can never discount the possible existence of other pests.

What is the importance of Rodent control?

  • Both rats and mice can spread disease and contaminate our food, homes and businesses with faeces, urine and hair.
  • They carry fleas, mites, ticks, and even various types of dangerous diseases and illnesses such as Hantavirus, ringworm and Salmonella.
  • They can cause unseen damage to property by gnawing through containers, wood, insulation and wiring. Domestic and commercial property damage can escalate into hundreds and thousands of dollars.
  • Rodents multiply rapidly which can quickly lead to major infestations.

When is the Best Time for End of Lease Pest Treatment in Melbourne?

The best time for an EPC – Enviro Pest Control end of lease pest treatment is after the tenant has moved out and completed cleaning.

Who is Responsible for Pest Control in a Rental Property?

As required by law, a landlord must present a home in a clean safe condition prior to renting it out.

A tenant must also leave a home in a clean safe condition prior to vacating.

It makes sense that presenting a home free from pest is a part of this legal requirement. If the tenant owns a cat dog or birds it will be mandatory to have a pest treatment completed in order to have the bond released.

EPC – Enviro Pest Control have pest solutions that target pet specific pest infestations such as the breeding cycle of fleas as well as cockroaches, silverfish, moths and spiders to ensure that full extermination is delivered.

Why Hire EPC – Enviro Pest Control to provide End of Lease Treatments?

At the end of a lease, it is important to treat your property for pests. This will ensure that the property is free from pests when you are advertising the property to new tenants. Having evidence of pest infestations in a rental property is not a good sign of the cleanliness of the property and will discourage prospective tenants from applying.

Other reasons to hire us as for your treatment service are:

  • EPC staff are Trained Specialists and are experienced at getting rid of fleas, rodents and other pests and understand the importance of a fast, efficient solution
  • We arrive on time
  • EPC staff are discreet, friendly and professionally presented
  • Fairly priced service with advice to help prevent pests coming back
  • EPC pest control treatments are effective

If you need to speak to a professional about End of Lease Treatments in Melbourne, call (03) 9059-0300 now.