EPC – Enviro Pest Control provides a wide variety of commercial pest control services and Integrated Pest Management Plans (IPM) tailored to your specific requirements. Pest invasions are a common issue faced all around the world by business, building, and company owners.

We work closely with the food industry in Melbourne, from food processing to restaurants and bars and food retail stores and markets. At EPC – Enviro Pest Control we understand the serious impact of health and safety and the reputation of your business or commercial property. Don’t underestimate the value of pest management.

Our electronic reporting, (including photos), ensures your pest control documentation is always up to date and provides a full audit trail to satisfy local requirements and legislation. EPC – Enviro Pest Control is a member of the Australian Environment Pest Management Association, AEPMA, in addition we are Cm3 Certified.

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Pests in your home are more than just an inconvience. They can carry disease and can cause food poisoning and trigger allergies and even asthma attacks. Keep your family safe.

Whether it’s a problem with insects or rodents outdoors or indoors, EPC – Enviro Pest Control can handle it, in all types of conditions and structures.

EPC – Enviro Pest Control take great care to look after you and your needs using childsafe and pet friendly pest control methods. Only the latest products are used with stringent requirements for health and safety, so you can sleep easy at night in a pest free enviroment.

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Part of your pest control service may require the application of pesticides

Pest control technicians use two different types of pesticides—general use and restricted use. General use pesticides are the most widely used and are readily available; in diluted concentrations they are available to the public. Restricted use pesticides are available only to certified professionals for controlling the most severe infestations.

EPC – Enviro Pest Control is committed to achieving compatibility between economic development and the maintenance of the environment.

We are environmentally conscious and ecofriendly where-ever possible. Every effort is made to use the latest products available in pest control to ensure a reliable & quality service for you, your business/home and safe living for all who utilise treated areas. We ensure compliance with all environmental legal obligations as provided by the EPA, its Acts and Regulations, AS/NZS Standards and industry best practices, as a minimum level within all of our activities.

Our Services

EPC – Enviro Pest Control provide high quality treatments for pest infestations. Our expert technicians only use safe and effective pesticide formulations. We deal with the source of the pest control problem, rather than simply a remedial quick-fix.

Commercial Services

EPC – Enviro Pest Control’s mission is to provide the highest quality of pest eradication services available in Melbourne using the best principles of integrated pest management to protect the health and welfare of our clients.

Residential Services

We recommend our domestic pest control service which is fast and effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family, friends and pets.